Women in Sports Journalism Panel Coverage

SPJ/ONA DePaul hosted a Women in Sports Journalism Panel at DePaul’s downtown campus on April 10 that explored locker room access issues, industry trends and some great advice on making it in sports media. The event started with the ESPN documentary “Let Them Wear Towels,” a history of female journalists working in male locker rooms. […]

SPJ DePaul Outstanding Leadership Award Winners: Lauren Camplin and Katie Karpowicz

SPJ DePaul founding members Lauren Camplin and Katie Karpowicz received the organization’s highest honor on June 9 — the Outstanding Leadership Award. Nicknamed the “SPJ MVP award” by the students, the award recognizes significant contributions to the chapter by its executive board members. Both Camplin and Karpowicz helped launch the chapter as sophomores in 2010. […]

Bennett: Journalism Skills Needed Virtually Everywhere

Dr. Sybril Bennett of Belmont University discussed the importance of incorporating the advancements of technology into the news industry. She stressed that the news industry needed to keep up with technology while journalism still has its credibility. Bennett actively challenged audience members to remain positive about journalism’s future and find new ways to incorporate innovative […]