SPJ/ONA DePaul February Chapter Meeting

Bruce Evensen, far right, shares his vast knowledge of journalism ethics with SPJ/ONA DePaul. (Photo/Melanie Stone)

Bruce Evensen, far right, shares his vast knowledge of journalism ethics with SPJ/ONA DePaul. (Photo/Melanie Stone)

Last Tuesday, SPJ/ONA DePaul met to continue the journalism ethics discussion that began at the following chapter meeting on Jan. 27. We revisited our suggested revisions to the SPJ Code of Ethics with two of our professors who specialize in press ethics, Jason Martin and Bruce Evensen.

They helped us further develop our ideas from the brainstorming session, mainly focusing on amendments that should be made to clarify existing guidelines. We also discussed the addition of a separate set of rules to establish proper conduct for journalists on social media.

The SPJ/ONA DePaul e-board plans to share their ideas with the Ethics Committee’s review board in March.

SPJ/ONA Outreach: Online Journalism Workshop at Payton Prep

Payton1 copySPJ/ONA DePaul visited Walter Payton College Preparatory High School on Dec. 5 to host a social media workshop. About 30 students attended the presentation during their 50-minute “enrichment period” at the end of the school day.

Members of the SPJ/ONA’s executive board showed participants different ways they can promote their skills in an academic or professional way by using various social media tools.

Rima Mandwee began by talking to students about the do’s and don’ts of Twitter. She explained a general rule of thumb: don’t post it if you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it to your mom. Melanie Stone showed them TweetDeck and talked about the many uses of Twitter.

Rima Mandwee discusses appropriate and inappropriate discussion topics on social media. (Photo by Brianna Kelly)

Rima Mandwee discusses appropriate and inappropriate discussion topics on social media. (Photo by Brianna Kelly)

Jakub Rudnik covered Tumblr and used the Red Line Project’s Chicago Stumbler page, which he works on as a teaching assistant at DePaul. Brianna Kelly discussed the benefits of creating a blog to showcase relevant interests or talents. She pulled up a few different examples on WordPress, including her own arts and entertainment reporting page.

The presentation wrapped up with pizza and questions.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that the chapter has taught online journalism at a Chicago-area high school, following Marist (2010), Brother Rice (2011) and Gordon Tech (2012).

Jakub Rudnik shows students The Chicago Stumbler. (Photo by Brianna Kelly)

Jakub Rudnik shows students The Chicago Stumbler Tumblr blog. (Photo by Brianna Kelly)

SPJ DePaul Brings Twitter Techniques to Gordon Tech

Monica Carter Photo

SPJ DePaul’s Monica Carter sets up for the presentation. (Photo by Brianna Kelly)

SPJ DePaul executive board members visited Gordon Tech High School on Jan. 25 to teach students more beneficial ways to use Twitter.

The chapter taught the 15 students in the program how to use their accounts to connect with publications, news organizations, colleges and universities.

Chapter members shared much of the insight they learned from Mark Luckie, manager of journalism and news at Twitter, at a seminar with SPJ DePaul and the Sun-Times on Jan. 23. The presentation also covered Twitter etiquette, how to use hashtags, and the importance of a strong and unique bio.

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EIJ Convention 2011: Robert Hernandez on Rules for Writing Online and Social Media

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of summaries from the SPJ/RTDNA Excellence in Journalism conference.

Technology doesn’t replace journalism, but “empowers it,” said Robert Hernandez, a USC journalism professor, at the Excellence in Journalism convention recently in New Orleans.

Hernandez, who organizes the weekly #wjchat tech-journo Twitter chats, has five main rules that he follows when writing online and using social media.

Throughout the session, Hernandez made references that pointed out how even though social media is at our fingertips it “doesn’t replace the phone or in-person interviews.”

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SPJ Chat Schedule and How to Participate

Thursday, Oct. 6: Reporting techniques with Wall Street Journal reporter Amy Merrick (@amyjmerrick)

  • Storify archive of the chat
  • Next #spjchat coming in late October!

Storify case study on how #SPJchat archives its chats.

SPJ Blog Talk Radio discussion on how #SPJchat works.

Storify blog post about #SPJchat with Burt Herman.

Article by @dailynewstwist on #SPJchat.

Blog post by @clayduda on #SPJchat.

How to Particpate in SPJ Chat

1. Make sure you follow @spjchat from the Twitter account you plan to use for #SPJchat.

2. About five minutes before the chat, log-in to Twitter and type #SPJchat in the search box. Hootsuite and TweetDeck also work well for the chat. Just type the hashtag into the search field.

3. Make sure you use the #SPJchat hashtag in any of the tweets you are posting to the chat. Also, include the question number (Q1, Q2) in the tweet to help keep the chat focused.

6. The #spjchat starts at 7 p.m. Central Time every other Thursday. Mike Reilley of @journtoolbox and @spjchat moderates.

7. Submit questions for the chat by direct messaging your question to Mike by typing d @spjchat followed by your message. OR by sending the question without the hashtag to @spjchat. Mike will do his best to get it posted. Please don’t interrupt the chat with a question out of the context of the discussion.

8. The only rules of the chat: Introduce yourself, play nice, stay on topic and offer insight/retweet what others say.

9. Journalists from all over the world participate in the chat. So this is a nice opportunity to network, gain new followers and use social media in a whole new way.

10. Visit Storify to read highlights of the chat. We post late on Friday afternoons.

11. Tips on chat etiquette.

Click on the link below for the tentative schedule of topics:

Upcoming Topics (subject to change)
Special guests will be added the week before the chat. To suggest one, DM us @spjchat

Oct. 20 or 27: Topics TBA



Jan. 6 Topic: Online Storytelling and Best Practices with:

Jan. 13 Topic: Copy Editing and Social Media with our Panel of Experts:

Jan. 20 Topic: Journalism and Branding with our Panel of Experts:

Jan. 27 Topic: Social Media’s Influence on Sports Coverage with our panel of experts:

Feb. 3 Topic: Diversity: How online media can do a better job of covering it with our panel of experts:

  • George Daniels, SPJ Diversity Committee chairman and assistant professor, University of Alabama
  • Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University School of Journalism dean of student affairs & professor, online journalism expert
  • Kristen Aguirre, DePaul University graduate journalism student
  • Kareem Johnson, freelance multi-platform multimedia journalist
  • Vi Nguyen, DePaul University undergraduate journalism student
  • Storify summary of the chat.

Feb. 10 Topic: Hyperlocal Journalism with our panel of experts:

Feb. 24 Topic: Social Media’s Impact on Entertainment Coverage with our panel of experts:

  • Kirstin Wilder, managing editor of Variety
  • MariaElena Fernandez (@writerchica) of the LA Times
  • Ali Trumbull, undergraduate journalism student at DePaul University’s College of Communication who live-tweeted from The Grammys
  • Storify summary of the chat.

March 3 Topic: Social Media Tools for Journalists

March 10 Topic: Health News Literacy and Go-to Resources with special guest moderator Jennifer Gaie Hellum @jghellum

March 24 Topic: Accuracy and Journalism with Regret the Error’s Craig Silverman

March 31 Topic: iPad2 for Journalists (preview for SPJ Region 4-5 Super Regional seminar)

April 7 Topic: Social Media Curation with Storify founder Burt Herman

April 14 Topic:  Should SPJ Update its Code of Ethics and How?

April 21 Topic: Mobile Apps and Other Reporting Tools for Journalists

April 28 Topic: Social Media & Covering Courts with Ron Sylvester, @rsylvester

May 5: Social Media, Accuracy and bin Laden coverage

  •  Storify highlights of the chat

May 12: Database Reporting and Data Visualization with special guest Andy Boyle

May 19: Music Journalism, Ethics & Social Media 

May 26: Overheard in the Newsroom’s Kevin Cobb @ohnewsroom

June 2: NPR’s Andy Carvin on his Middle East coverage on Twitter

Sept. 8: Covering 9/11: What Have We Learned?

Thursday, Oct. 6: Reporting techniques with Wall Street Journal reporter Amy Merrick (@amyjmerrick)