Michael Koretzky’s Creative Tips for Journalism Jobs

The number of traditional newsroom jobs may be dwindling, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dozens of new career paths in journalism sprouting up each year.

At the Society of Professional Journalists National Convention in October, Michael Koretzky spoke to journalism students and professionals about interesting outlets in which to pursue jobs.

Koretzky is a social media adviser at Florida Atlantic University and a member of the SPJ board of directors. His experience with the types of obscure journalism careers began when he founded South Florida Media Jobs, a website created to help journalism professionals in adapting to the evolving technology.

The presentation highlighted the growing similarities between journalistic and public relations writing and reporting styles. For instance, want to report on your favorite sports team?

Try looking for jobs within the team’s public relations or publicity department. He also covered the different types of freelance jobs young journalists should be looking for, contractual and one-time assignments. One-time freelance opportunities consist of just one assignment with a company, while contractual assignments have a longer time span.

For instance, a newspaper or other publication might temporarily hire journalists to cover an election or another type of ongoing news event. However, in both instances the company or publication will be sure to inform the freelancer that these are not lasting positions.

Koretzky’s presentation not only introduced me to new ideas about where to look for jobs and internships, but it helped me to feel confident about finding a career I love during a time of major change in journalism.

For More Information, Visit Koretzky’s South Florida Media Jobs Site.

— Katie Karpowicz

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