Bennett: Journalism Skills Needed Virtually Everywhere

Dr. Sybril Bennett of Belmont University discussed the importance of incorporating the advancements of technology into the news industry. She stressed that the news industry needed to keep up with technology while journalism still has its credibility.

Bennett actively challenged audience members to remain positive about journalism’s future and find new ways to incorporate innovative approaches. While she pointed out that research and curation were still integral parts of reporting, the future of successful journalism also involves thinking how we can report news in creative ways. In Bennett’s words, if the field doesn’t catch up, news can become the middleman and the middleman can be cut.

During her session at the Excellence in Journalism national convention, Bennett also established three trending advancements including mobile, augmented reality, and gaming. All of these areas are quickly growing and Bennet believes it’s time for the news industry to begin experimenting with these technologies to reach audiences.

Bennett ended the lecture on a positive note, emphasizing that the industry is full of opportunity and the future of journalism is a bright and innovative one.

-Lauren Camplin, SPJ DePaul Vice President 

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