In case you missed it: SPJ Welcome Meeting Highlights

Sept. 13, 2016

  • Introductions
    • Met new members
    • Discussed pros of a paid SPJ membership
    • All board members in attendance tell the group what SPJ has done for them
  • Free Speech Week
    • Free speech wall – We will be bringing this back this year for students to write what free speech means to them on the wall.
    • Panel – A lot of great ideas to get some free speech panels during the week to discuss the importance of the First Amendment. If anyone has any recommendations on who to invite for this panel, please let us know.
  • Gun Violence
    • The idea was brought up by Jason Martin to have a separate panel in the winter or a meet-and-greet to focus on reporters covering gun violence in Chicago – what’s the process and what techniques do reporters use?
    • Once again, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.
  • Alumni Event
    • Another idea by Jason Martin to have the Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence sponsor an alumni event for current students to meet and ask questions to former DePaul journalism students.
  • Live Debate / Fact Checking Event
    • This will be an event with Reboot Illinois on Oct. 3 to do a live watch and fact check of the debate. Marc said the room is reserved from 5:30 – 9PM.
  • Chicago Headline Club – Marc Filipino
    • Student Input – looking for student liaisons in Chicago to bring in more student input and target the group toward a younger crowd.
    • Mentor/Mentee program – similarly, the idea was brought up to mentor with a Chicago journalist for around 6 months. This would be someone you could ask questions to, find out about their background, see what their production cycle is like, etc.
  • WBEZ Tour
    • In progress of figuring out the kinks of this.
    • We hope to do a site tour about once per month this year, so if you have suggestions of places you would like to see, let us know.
  • Other Comments
    • One student brought up doing something for Free Speech Week in connection with all of the Milo Yiannopoulos/Ben Shapiro bannings.
    • Also, the idea was mentioned about having an event about technology/Twitter and what that means for free speech.
  • Board Member Session
    • Discussed New Orleans trip this weekend, check-in processes, restaurant suggestions, etc.

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